Smoking service (Trout or Salmon)
​​Smoking your own Trout catch is the ideal way to extend the pleasure of fishing here with us. We provide a specialist smoking service where each fish is individually processed according to our customers instructions.​​

Your Trout/Salmon (which we request is gutted and the head to be removed) will be dry-cured in salt and smoked in our wooden chambers over the finest oak sawdust, it will then be trimmed and vacuum packed to your instructions. Please allow 7-10 days for smoking, slicing, and packing.

Prices for smoking services

Sides trimmed, de-boned, cut ino four or left whole and vac packed
£8.25 per/kg

Sides trimmed, de-boned, sliced, and vac packed
£10.25 per/kg
Smoked Salmon packs

Prices for Smoked Salmon packs

115g D cut Salmon packs £4.75 per pack

230g D cut Salmon packs £6.75 per pack

Sliced D cut side (Average weight 1kg) £28.00 per kg
        (Dressed back on to skin)

Unsliced side (Average weight 1kg) £26.00 per kg
Fly fishing
If you decide to ​fly fish here with us, you can do so between 8:30am-Dusk. See below for current prices.

Prices for fly fishing (Individuals)

​​2 fish within 4 hours £20.00

3 fish within 6 hours £25.00

4 fish within 8 hours £30.00

Prices for fly fishing (Adult and Child)

2 fish within 2 hours £20.00

3 fish within 4 hours £25.00

4 fish within 6 hours £30.00

Log cabins
Our beautiful log cabins aren't quite here yet but bare with us, they will be here soon!

Our log cabins will make the perfect get away, come rain or shine! Whether you're staying in wrapped up in front of the roaring fire, overlooking our stunning lake; or taking a trip down to the local beaches for a quick dip!

Coming soon..!